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13450Re: [podcasters] Podcast Feed Tracker for Apache

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  • Andy Armstrong
    Dec 2, 2005
      On 2 Dec 2005, at 17:57, Kevin Devin wrote:
      > I haven't looked at the code... and since it's in C, there's not
      > likely a
      > chance that I'd know what I was looking at anyway. :-)
      > But I'm curious... how does collecting the DL info for media files
      > differ
      > in this incarnation that what is provided in the RAW Log files?
      > The only
      > difference that I can immediately see is that the media types are
      > already
      > filtered out versus having to run Podstats (or something similar)
      > to filter
      > those out.

      I've spoken to Chris about it and you're right - that's what it does.
      As I mentioned it also has a couple of security issues which he's
      fixing. I do the same thing by configuring my server to pipe the log
      output through a little Perl script that catches items of interest
      and logs them to a MySQL database. You could also use mod_log_mysql
      to log everything to a MySQL database and then run queries against that.

      > It would seem to me, that typical podcasters, who might be using an
      > Apache-based hosting service, are going to have easier access to
      > RAW log
      > files versus requesting a module be installed on the box.
      > And finally... pardon my ignorance, but in a shared hosting
      > environment, how
      > will the use of this module work? if it's pumping its data to a
      > single
      > database/table... won't that essentially record the info for ALL
      > who are
      > hosted on that box?

      It's configured using a .htaccess file so that's per-directory

      Andy Armstrong, hexten.net
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