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13435Re: [podcasters] Podcast Feed Tracker for Apache

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  • Andy Armstrong
    Dec 2, 2005
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      On 1 Dec 2005, at 06:59, Geek wrote:
      > When your at the site tell Chris thank you, he will be putting the
      > project
      > on sourceforge. He is looking for comments and suggestions

      I've taken a look at Chris' code now. Unless I'm missing something
      fundamental it just seems to reproduce functionality that's already
      provided by mod_log_mysql[1]. Given that mod_log_mysql is better
      established there's probably more chance of
      getting it installed on your server.

      Secondly a quick examination of the code reveals what I think is a
      SQL injection bug - which would potentially allow an attacker to
      execute arbitrary SQL against your database. I've reported that to
      Chris - it shouldn't be hard for him to fix.

      [1] http://lyxus.net/bkg

      Andy Armstrong, hexten.net
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