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13352Re: [podcasters] Podcast Feed Tracker for Apache

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  • Andy Armstrong
    Dec 1, 2005
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      On 1 Dec 2005, at 08:36, Stephen Eley wrote:
      > Maybe I'm just dense, or it's way too late at night, but I'm a little
      > confused. What exactly is this module supposed to do? I gather it's
      > something about logging hits on MP3 or other file types, but that's
      > not even vaguely similar to what Feedburner does and doesn't seem
      > related to RSS.
      > A quick sentence on the lines of "This is an Apache module to _______"
      > would do much to enlighten me and set my universe at peace.

      Yeah, same confusion here. I think it's the same thing I'm doing by
      piping my Apache logs through a little Perl script that updates a
      MySQL database. As a result I have an RSS feed that updates when
      there's a new referrer to my site (for example).

      I can't quite understand why this needs to be a module. Apart from
      anything else it's an Apache 2 module and the majority of sites are
      still using Apache 1.3.

      Andy Armstrong, hexten.net
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