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  • Tim Baker
    Nov 12, 2005
      At 23:15 11/11/2005, you wrote:
      >My new favorite place is http://Magnatune.com and will be promoting
      >them on my next show. These folks are great. You can listen to their
      >music for free and if you are a podcaster then you can use their music
      >for free. If you purchase a CD from them then you tell them how musch
      >you will pay (they suggest $8). After downloading the music they
      >allow you to send the URL to three other people sothat they can
      >legally download the music. This is how companies should act, as
      >opposed to installing trojan horses on your computer.

      ooh they have Four Stones on there, one of my favourite
      mashup/ambient producers...http://magnatune.com/artists/four_stones

      Looks cool. I like the logo, WE ARE NOT EVIL :-D

      >Another favorite place of mine is http://Archive.org, where I get a
      >lot of live music for my shows.

      Yeah they also do a lot of public domain stuff, like the Naropa
      archives and old 78's / lapsed copyright early recordings, which I love.

      Public domain: you can opt out, it's automatically copyrighted yes,
      but you can specifically or legally license stuff like with Creative
      Commons as being publically available. I think some legal
      declarations of public domain can also give away your rights as I
      understand it?

      I am not a lawyer tho.
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