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1193Re: [podcasters] Podcast late comment

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  • julien smith
    Jan 8, 2005
      > Dennis A. Amith wrote:
      > > Anyway, not sure if I made sense....very late travel back home, tired but
      > > wanted to type this on the ML before I catch some z's.

      it's an unfortunate fact of life that when people become 'stars' in
      people's eyes and expect something of them, it becomes a convenience,
      a commodity, and isn't appreciated much anymore. furthermore, when
      people feel close to the individual, they feel they have a certain
      amount of rights - this is unfortunately nonsense. adam asks to be
      sent email to promote shows, or to ... he may do his best to make you
      feel like he's talking to you, but he has to think about everyone and
      he is doing his best. it's a shame, too bad. start treating people
      with a level of common courtesy and you'll be amazed how much easier
      it is than hate mail.

      that said, i really hope people are not beginning to deify him -
      although i am certain this is happening with certain individuals. all
      this crap happens all the time, in all sorts of communities (obviously
      adam, but also the guys who run community sites [such as Shannon
      Larratt from iam.bmezine.com] are privy to this).

      as for madge, she seems alright. i don't subscribe, but i might later,
      she's pretty clever. where does she come from? is she in fact a man?
      she sounds totally like a dude. i know i'm not alone in thinking this.

      anyway, i was just thinking tonight that i certainly hope the
      community of podcasters starts depending less on Adam in order to
      provide his Midas touch in order to gain popularity. going and
      hustling in other ways is likely going to end up being more efficient.

      podcast at inoveryourhead.net
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