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  • Dennis A. Amith
    Jan 8, 2005
      Was driving home and listened to several of the Friday podcasts and "Daily
      Source Code" (regarding the comments he received for Thursday's show) and
      "Whole Wheat Radio" (regarding someone who put up an album that was supposed
      to be released and plays the album on his podcast) and I figured that it's
      still in my mind and it's late...but what the hell, I'm sure many of you
      listened to yesterday's episodes so wanted to know how you felt?

      It seems that the negative e-mail Adam Curry has been getting is starting to
      irritate him. Also, people have complained if he doesn't play his "drum
      cadence" everyday, someone sends a pissed off'd e-mail to him. But of
      course, the one that some of you have brought up about people trying to have
      their show mentioned on the DSC and when they don't get mentioned, people
      send pissed of e-mail. Of course, the other thing is the interview with
      Madge Weinstein of Yeast Radio regarding her/his comments of yeast is worst
      than cancer which set people off.

      Anyway, he makes really good points on his Friday show and I really enjoy
      podcasts where people are able to go outside and you can hear the sounds and
      the people in the background. But the point about how he feels that DSC
      needs to change because he set himself up for people to be upset because
      they are used to having something each day. May it be him playing a promo
      or the drum cadence and when he doesn't do it, he gets negative e-mail.

      Do you podcasters experience that? Keeping to a same format every podcast
      and if you try something different that the listener enjoys, people will
      throw a fit?

      As for "Whole Wheat Radio", Interesting comment he made at the beginning of
      his show and he hates how podcasters are playing RIAA music, especially the
      one where a song is being promoted on iTunes and the person says he doesn't
      purchase from iTunes but he'll play the album on his podcast.

      I know that many podcasts are added each day and a lot of us have been
      concerned about playing non-RIAA music but there are podcasts that do.
      Podcasts are like Pirate Radio and with so many podcasts, some don't feel
      any fear of the RIAA and so forth.

      As for "Yeast Radio", very interesting podcast. Very mature content and
      very unique in podcasting. I have never heard the "C" word used in many
      varieties and interesting political views and very well spoken in terms of
      the delivery. But I can understand where people who were upset by the
      Thursday episode but at the same time, although I paused when I first
      listened to the "yeast" and "cancer" comment, I wasn't too offended because
      if you listened to the "Yeast Radio" podcast, that's the type of personality
      of the host but I'm sure those not familiar with the content probably felt
      the comments were very insensitive and hurtful.

      Anyway, since the listenerships for many podcasts are in the many thousands,
      like television shows on bomis.tvclubhouse or other television forums for
      separate episodes, I would love to see an all podcast community where people
      can chime in and discuss podcasts maybe broken down to shows and something
      to introduce people to other shows.

      Anyway, not sure if I made sense....very late travel back home, tired but
      wanted to type this on the ML before I catch some z's.

      - daa
      METRO MEDIA COMPLEX: Podcast Edition

      J!-ENT RADIO: Podcast Edition
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