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11424Re: [podcasters] New recorder good for podcasters

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  • Chris Cochran
    Oct 5, 2005
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      I was at a local Guitar Center yesterday and asked about the M-Audio
      recorder. The sales lady told me that these have been selling like crazy
      and they only had one left in stock. The more research I do on them the
      more I want one. The price seems a little high (by about $100) but has
      anyone here used one of these? If so what did you think?

      Chris Cochran
      Seatown Podcasting

      On 10/5/05 4:41 AM, "Rich" <rich@...> wrote:

      > On Tue, 2005-10-04 at 21:10 -1000, Ryan Ozawa wrote:
      >>> EM58? Do you mean SM58?(typo?)
      >> Er, yes, that's the one. Sadly, the conversation that immediately
      >> followed my Podcasting 101 question went way over my head. Balanced?
      >> Two conductors? RF? Eep!
      > If you want an explanation of all of these things, I'll be glad to do
      > it.
      >> And here my next question was going to be, if the Microtrack has
      >> separate 1/4" jacks for "L"eft and "R"ight, what happens if I did plug
      >> my SM58 with a Monster XLR-to-1/4" cable into one. Do I get a mono
      >> recording, or just one side?
      > You get just one side. And that would be mono.
      > And as I said in a previous post. Monster makes good stuff, but there
      > are better values out there, so definitely shop around.
      >> Gotta go back to podcasting school. (Or the Podcast Academy! Heh.)
      > We'll help in any way we can.
      > Rich...
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