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11420Re: [podcasters] New recorder good for podcasters

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  • Ryan Ozawa
    Oct 5, 2005
      On 10/3/05, Unsigned Podcast/Paul <prp6040@...> wrote:
      > It comes with an external stereo mic. Supposed to be
      > pretty decent.

      Reminds me of the ME-51S stereo mic that came with my Olympus DM-10
      voice recorder. The weird thing is, you can't buy it separately. The
      only place I've seen it is bundled with the recorder. Fortunately,
      Sony seems to make a whole slew of similar 1/8" stereo mics.

      > EM58? Do you mean SM58?(typo?)

      Er, yes, that's the one. Sadly, the conversation that immediately
      followed my Podcasting 101 question went way over my head. Balanced?
      Two conductors? RF? Eep!

      And here my next question was going to be, if the Microtrack has
      separate 1/4" jacks for "L"eft and "R"ight, what happens if I did plug
      my SM58 with a Monster XLR-to-1/4" cable into one. Do I get a mono
      recording, or just one side?

      Gotta go back to podcasting school. (Or the Podcast Academy! Heh.)

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