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11398Re: [podcasters] New recorder good for podcasters

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  • Rich
    Oct 3, 2005
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      On Mon, 2005-10-03 at 10:54 -1000, Ryan Ozawa wrote:

      There is a small price to pay for using balanced, pro audio gear. In
      the case of those (SM?) 58's, you get a well made product, with balanced
      XLR connectors.

      From what I've seen in this group, people are mixing consumer grade
      recording equipment, with stuff geared from the pro market.

      The price tag for using pro gear is often more money, sometimes the
      gear is bigger and heavier, but the quality is superior.

      Going from XLR's (3 conductor) to consumer two conductor inputs
      requires a special cable, but you are paying a price. You're
      unbalancing the signal, and that means more RF interference.


      > > No question, that is pretty cute.
      > No built-in mics, though. Interesting.
      > Now that I've invested in Shure EM-58 mics with XLR plugs, I'm
      > wondering what the best mobile recording rig for me would be. A
      > Marantz (that has XLR jacks)? Something like this with a Griffin
      > XLR-to-1/8" adapter/cable? Or, since the Shure's are so heavy, just
      > stick with the little two-headed 1/8" mic my Olympus voice recorder
      > came with... and I guess my Olympus voice recorder. <g>
      > - --
      > Ryan
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