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  • timbearcub
    Aug 29 12:05 PM
      What LAME settings do people use - especially for lower rates (lower
      than 96Kps?)

      I've always found that the default settings are not great for lower
      rates, even with higher quality set.


      --- In podcasters@yahoogroups.com, Stephen Eley <SFEley@g...> wrote:
      > On 8/29/05, Ron Jeffries <ronjeffries@x...> wrote:
      > > On Monday, August 29, 2005, at 11:21:26 AM, Stephen Eley wrote:
      > >
      > > > One has to achieve a state of Zen in these things. I usually encode
      > > > with the LAME '-q 0' switch, so complaints that compressing,
      > > > exporting, etc. take too long only make me laugh softly.
      > >
      > > What does the -q switch do?
      > It stands for Quality, and chooses which algorithms LAME uses for its
      > encoding tasks and some of the constants within those tasks. The
      > range is 0..9. 9 is extremely fast and extremely poor quality (it
      > turns off all psychoacoustic modeling); 0 is the best quality and is
      > extremely slow. On my Athlon XP 2200 box, LAME-encoding at 0 is a
      > little less than real-time. On my Mac Mini it tends to be *longer*
      > than real-time.
      > See:
      > http://lame.sourceforge.net/USAGE
      > Is it overkill? Almost definitely. '-q 1' sounds identical to my own
      > ears and takes about a fourth the time. On the other hand, I don't
      > have the best playback equipment, and it's a free and easy way to set
      > my mind at ease that I've done the best encoding job possible for the
      > bitrate I've chosen.
      > Anyway, the time it takes doesn't cause me stress. If I'm in a hurry
      > (because it's already 3 AM, let's say) I use '-q 1' or '-q 2'.
      > Otherwise I just take a break while the file is encoding; pop some
      > popcorn, watch _The Daily Show_ for a bit. Then I tweak my tags and
      > add album art in iTunes, and finish my popcorn while I wait for the
      > FTP upload to finish. >8-> (Never a fast process either.)
      > --
      > Have Fun,
      > Steve Eley (sfeley@g...)
      > ESCAPE POD - the SF podcast magazine
      > http://escape.extraneous.org
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