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10761Re: [pockettunes] The station database

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  • Mark Hawkins
    Aug 13, 2012
      Many thanks to all who responded.

      I've got a number of alternative radio apps but I like Pocket Tunes which I have on my Palm Lifedrive (still working !) and iPod/iPhone.

      I'll hope my favourite station stream addresses continue unchanged.

      At least on the Lifedrive you can ender the stream address yourself. This doesn't seem to be available on iOS.

      Mark Hawkins

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      From: James Bowers
      To: pockettunes@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Sunday, August 12, 2012 3:23 PM
      Subject: Re: [pockettunes] The station database


      There have been a large number of posts/questions about this on this "bulletin board"/blog. The man responsible for Normsoft has responded here to requests such as yours (although I don't remember if that specific request is answered.) His response was that he no longer had the resources or interest to do anything more with pockettunes. Things are tough all over the world.

      I too was disappointed with the loss. However, there are other options (depending on your hardware and software) some free, some only $1.00 or so. (I like TuneIn.)

      Good luck,
      JIm Bowers

      On Aug 8, 2012, at 1:35 PM, "Mark" <mark@...> wrote:

      > I came to this group after trying to find out why a station didn't work.
      > I find Normsoft/Pocket Tunes has more or less shut up shop.
      > The biggest issue for me is that as stations change addresses the catalog will go out of date.
      > Has anyone approached Normsoft to make the catalogue open source in some way ?
      > Mark Hawkins

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