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10747Re: [pockettunes] Re: "We are sorry to say that we are no longer able to offer customer support."

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  • Guy Greenwood
    Jun 17, 2012
      Try the Wundur Radio app if you just can't stand commercials, or if you can
      ignore them try Tunein Radio which is free.

      > Note the winmobile 6 version of Wundur does not have the same level of support.
      >Preferring Chinese music, many of my favorites are not being updated <

      My G2 Itouch left a bad taste in my mouth for Apple because it doesn't play well
      with others regarding content and Juke Boxes.  This is reason other than the
      Itouch, there are now (4) Droid devices in my home instead of Apple
      devices. Since my employer provided a Iphone for work needs I have no complaints
      about reliabality. I use several of the apps on my Itouch I & work Iphone I
      used on plam and winmobile 6, in addition to others I use on Droid ICS devices.
      What I don't like is mandatory use of Itunes Jukebox. Fortunate all apps are in
      the clouds, and those handy at work were available for download to the Iphone.

      BTW: There is a Realplayer app for beta Droid, and it is on speaking terms with
      Realplayer Plus. Putting up with a new OS is obligatory from time to time; but
      it is hubris to expect customers to re-learn EVERYTHING so ANY company can make
      more money. My time to learn their product IS a bigger expense than their


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      To: pockettunes@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Sun, June 17, 2012 9:42:42 AM
      Subject: [pockettunes] Re: "We are sorry to say that we are no longer able to
      offer customer support."


      For quite a while now, Pocket Tunes, shows: "0% done updating radio
      catalog", but I was too busy to find a solution. Today I decided to
      find a fix and discovered Normsoft no longer supports PT on the iPhone,
      which probably the answer to my problem. I guess I should be glad that
      my favorites list includes most of the stations I listen to, since my
      radio catalog has been static for some time.

      --- In pockettunes@yahoogroups.com, "DanielM" <daniel.mackay@...> wrote:
      > What does it mean that Normsoft no longer supports Pocket Tunes? It's
      a best selling app on the iPhone, sells for a relatively large amount of
      money, and yet this page:
      > http://www.normsoft.com/support/
      > and this page:
      > http://www.pocket-tunes.com/scripts/support.php
      > Clearly say that they no longer do tech support. Is the company
      tits-up? Is there some other way to get support?
      > I want to report a bunch of dead stations in the catalog, and get them
      to fix them up and issue a new catalog.

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