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10741Re: [pockettunes] Re: "We are sorry to say that we are no longer able to offer customer support."

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  • Guy Greenwood
    Feb 25, 2012
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      Find me a phone with as versatile a Calender as the 700P I put to pasture in my
      drawer cause it still looked so nice! My Treo Pro has a few new tricks on it's
      Windows mobile OS that make up for its Calender that sucks, but almost 4 years
      later, I haven't seen any new features anywhere that warrant a new phone. Having
      to buy a much more expensive data plan it I do doubles down on it.

      Plam OS streamed music on a Treo 600 and saved Email attachments using Ptunes
      around  late 2004. Iphone released in late 2007 took 2 years to learn how to
      stream music and wasn't half the phone of my 700P. My Treo Pro released in Late
      2008 came with features Iphone 3 released in 2009 didn't have until 2011.
      Only thing Win Moble 6.1 fell really hort on in the English version was language
      support. I tried installing Chinese support, but removed it because it made the
      OS unstable.

      Today after jumping through hoops, I had it confirmed my Treo Pro is on a slow
      death spiral and needs replacement under
      extended warranty. Looks like I might slowly be loosing streaming support
      for Wondur Radio which I started using after Ptunes lost most of my favorite
      stations. At least I can open a mobile hot-spot to support a streaming device
      with wi-fi. Since HTC designed the Treo Pro, when left no other choice, I will
      likely buy one of their keyboard phones on win mobile

      From: donthb <donhb@...>
      To: pockettunes@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Sat, February 4, 2012 12:11:47 PM
      Subject: [pockettunes] Re: "We are sorry to say that we are no longer able to
      offer customer support."

      Palm OS is not a walled garden the way iOS, Windows Phone and Android are (in
      that order). Find me a phone which is as open today as Palm OS has been and is
      as minimal a malware target, I will reconsider. Until such a device exists, I
      will wait until my phone dies and I am forced to deal with privacy issues of
      Android, the walled gardens and privacy issues of iOS or Windows Phone. Even
      webOS had these issues and developers, if they were to support the platform,
      were forced to open source their code. This last item, I think, is why webOS
      failed to get the developer support that many pundits think is required for a
      successful mobile platform.

      I believe mobile technology has taken as many steps forward as back.

      --- In pockettunes@yahoogroups.com, "Herb Ringersen" <hringersen@...> wrote:
      > Wakeup and get a new phone. Pocket Tunes was great 3 years ago.
      > So as the Horse & Buggy back in the day! Stop clinging to old unsupported
      > technknowlogy that you don't need.
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      > From: donthb
      > To: pockettunes@yahoogroups.com
      > Sent: Friday, February 03, 2012 4:41 PM
      > Subject: [pockettunes] Re: "We are sorry to say that we are no longer able to
      >offer customer support."
      > I know this is an old thread, but I would upgrade even if the product is
      > What I find extraordinary is how few developers have voiced concern with how
      >proprietary and closed mobile platforms have become. Palm OS with all its
      >implementation compromises didn't handcuff developers the way current mobile
      >platforms do.
      > You probably considered the following but I'll included it anyway: If priced
      >right others may buy/upgrade to an unsupported version. Alternatively, it may
      >make sense to to only allow upgrades because existing licensees are familiar
      >with your product. There is always the alternative of modifying your code so any
      >existing licensee can download and use the most current unsupported release.
      >This option may be the least problematic for you too. If you do decide to
      >produce an Android version consider allowing the the use of the license code
      >with unsupported versions.
      > Thanks for the software in any case.
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