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10736Re: "We are sorry to say that we are no longer able to offer customer support."

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  • donthb
    Feb 3, 2012
      I know this is an old thread, but I would upgrade even if the product is unsupported.

      What I find extraordinary is how few developers have voiced concern with how proprietary and closed mobile platforms have become. Palm OS with all its implementation compromises didn't handcuff developers the way current mobile platforms do.

      You probably considered the following but I'll included it anyway: If priced right others may buy/upgrade to an unsupported version. Alternatively, it may make sense to to only allow upgrades because existing licensees are familiar with your product. There is always the alternative of modifying your code so any existing licensee can download and use the most current unsupported release. This option may be the least problematic for you too. If you do decide to produce an Android version consider allowing the the use of the license code with unsupported versions.

      Thanks for the software in any case.
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