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    Moderator please allow me to post this message: I guarantee you this is not a spam a get rich scheme or a scam. This is a very important message. Ladies and
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 12, 2005
      Moderator please allow me to post this message: I
      guarantee you this is not a spam a get rich scheme or a scam. This
      is a very important message.

      Ladies and gentleman the reason I'm posting this message is to inform
      you of a very unique situation in my life right now. You will soon be
      wondering, if you are about to make the best investment of your
      life, a one and only lifetime opportunity. or will you actually be
      helping a man that took a turn for the worse and is in desperate
      need for help.

      Let me explain. I have my reasons why I'm doing this like this,
      and at the end you will find out why.
      One of the following "two" stories is true and 100% correct, "the
      other I made up," total lie. The 1% or 2% of you who will actually
      reply to this post will know soon enough.

      (1) I'm a decent hard working gentleman, living in south beach
      fl. I lost my job and I'm about to get evicted from my home, I have
      no where to go and no one to turn to. I'm too old to find another job
      and my retirement check won't cover my rent I have fallen deep in
      debt, I don't know what else to do. I can't even take my car out of
      the garage because repoman already tried taking it once. Please
      help me.

      (2) I'm a decent wealthy man, living in south beach fl. But
      wealthy only as far as financially, I have skin cancer and don't have
      much more to live. I'm currently worth over 8.4 million in paper
      including all my real estate property in south beach and in Boca
      Raton fl. I do have approximate 3.9 million cash available between
      all my bank accounts including business, savings, and money markets.
      (Know here's the catch) I'm either extremely upset at my "so called
      family" which is just waiting for me to pass away to inherit my
      money, "and boy" before I die, I would I love to tell them that I
      gave it away to caring people..

      Or I might be accepting your big or small donation to help me if I
      was really number 1 instead of 2. (Here is how.)

      This will prove to me, how many more decent human beings are left in
      this earth. Are you a gambler or do you really have a heart to help
      some one in need. We will soon find out.

      Ok, here we go folks: if I'm number (2) for every penny nickel
      dollar or what ever amount you send in, I will multiply it by 100 x
      over, in other words, send one dollar I will send you back $100.00.
      Send in $5.00 you will get $500.00 back. This is my way to give back
      to the people that actually take the time to care and send in a
      donation to a possible human that's in need of desperate help.

      Ok folks if I'm number (1) I thank you so much for helping me, god
      bless you, what ever you sent in a penny a dollar who cares is the
      thought that counts and you most likely saved me from becoming

      Know which one of the two do you think I am. One or two? Follow
      your heart, the decision should be very easy to make.

      I have asked a friend to rent a mailbox and to let me borrowed his
      pay pal account for the next 10 days, to help me with this matter.
      For that reason you will not know my true identity till the last
      day. On April 15th 2005 I will contact you via email if you used
      paypal.com. Or by regular mail if that's what you used to contact
      me. (Very important)
      `Please do not send any money" after April 15th on that day, I
      will start to distribute back either the funds or the thank you
      letters. Thank you

      Mailing address is: att# vipentgroup 1521 Alton rd #179 Miami
      Beach fl 33139

      PAY PAL ID IS vipentgroup@...
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