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BC RPM Clinic update No.2

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  • Rick Selby
    Posting on behalf of Andrew Hutchinson. Hope some of you can make this RPM meet! -Rick -=-=-=- Hello all, Just a reminder that BC RPM is only 3 weeks away.
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 21, 2012

      Posting on behalf of Andrew Hutchinson. Hope some of you can make this RPM meet!







      Hello all,


      Just a reminder that BC RPM is only  3 weeks away. Our fifth annual  meet will again be held in conjunction with Trains 2012. The meet will be held in Burnaby, BC on Saturday, November 10th, 2012 from 10AM to 4PM. Participants are invited to display their models and dioramas, share information and learn valuable techniques in an interactive and non-competitive environment. All SCALES and ALL ROADS are welcome as are in-progress models. BRING YOUR MODELS!!!


      Building on last year's success, the meet will feature an expanded show & tell segment providing modeller's the opportunity to discuss their techniques and experiences in a group setting during the lunch hour.


      Images from last year's meet are here at http://tinyurl.com/84szzyk


      NEW!!! CLINIC UPDATE:  For complete clinic information go to www.bctrains.org


          Design Challenges on the N scale Columbia and Western squeezing 30 scale miles and 2000 vertical feet into a two car garage. -  Mark Dance


          The HO scale CPR Boundary Subdivision; From Theory to Reality!  - Scott Calvert


          CNR BC District facilities, locomotives and rolling stock - Al Lill


          Basic 3D drawing in Google Sketchup for 3D Printing -  Rob Kirkham


          Scratch Building 101 - Russ Watson


          What's in My Toolbox  -  Jack Hamilton, MMR


          PGE Doodlebugs  -  Greg Kennelly


          A Beginner's Guide To Digital Model Train Photography  - Timothy J. Horton


          The Esquimalt & Nanaimo Railway in the CPR steam era and early diesel days  - Robert Turner


          Introduction to Model Railroading  - Pete Steinmetz


          Digital Photography: Making Prints at Home - John Zuk


          BCER in Colour - Marc Simpson


          Programming Accurate Canadian Whistle and Bell Sounds  -  Mike Barone


          Battery Powered Radio Controlled Locomotives in Small Scales -  Pete Steinmetz


          NMRA AP Program Q&A   -  Jack Hamilton, MMR

          NMRA Standards - Didrik Voss, MMR


      Watch for more announcements in the coming weeks.



      In addition to the RPM meet and clinics, Trains 2012 features Operating sessions, Public show, Escorted layout tour, Banquet and Prototype tour. Trains 2012 runs November 9th through 12th.


      BC RPM / Trains 2012 Registration is $25 CDN Price does not include Banquet, layout or prototype tours. Operating sessions are free but first come first serve - a very popular part of our show so get in while you can.


      Trains 2012 is located at:

      Cameron Centre (across from Lougheed Town Centre)

      9523 Cameron Street

      Burnaby, BC, Canada

      Cameron Centre is approx. 3 blocks north of the Lougheed Skytrain station and about 25 mins from downtown Vancouver via Skytrain.


      For more information regarding Trains 2012 see www.bctrains.org or send an e-mail to Ahutchinson(dot)mudbay(at)gmail.com




      Andrew Hutchinson

      BC RPM/ Trains 2012




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