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  • Jason Morrella
    Now that everyone has had a few weeks (hopefully) to collect themselves, relax a little, catch up with all the people & responsibilities we didn t have time
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 25, 2001
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      Now that everyone has had a few weeks (hopefully) to collect
      themselves, relax a little, catch up with all the people & responsibilities
      we didn't have time for from January to March, etc......I wanted to touch
      base and thank you all.
      EVERY SINGLE TEAM deserves to be congratulated on your efforts
      this year. The success of the two West Coast Regionals were due to the
      quality of the teams & programs you have all built. It was so impressive
      to see how well so many 1st and 2nd year teams did this year. While it is
      inherent in the program to feel overwhelmed and to feel as though there is
      always more to improve on - rest assured, the 1st and 2nd year teams on the
      West Coast have their programs advanced to the point most teams in the past
      were lucky to be at by their 3rd or 4th year. This shows how dedicated the
      members of your teams are, how much work MANY people put into each team,
      and it also shows how much of an impact many veteran teams had in helping
      rookie teams.
      Once again, as a region the teams from the West Coast were THE
      MOST decorated teams in the Nation this year. In addition to all the
      wonderful programs which led to two extremely successful FIRST regionals
      this year, additional aacomplishments of Western Teams were:
      the largest 1st year regional in the history of FIRST (Southern
      Califronia), the third largest regional in the country this year (Silicon
      Valley), the most rookie teams recruited in the nation this year,
      Co-National Champion (294), a Co-National Finalist (254), two Co-National
      semi-finalists (60 & 115), a number # 1 seed and the Motorola Quality Award
      winner (60), National Rookie-All Star award winner (606), #2 seed and
      National quarterfinalist (192), University of Detroit-Mercy Scholarship
      winner (232), Franklin W. Olin College Scholarship winner (192), and most
      impressively (and much deserved) the NATIONAL CHAIRMAN'S AWARD WINNER -
      Chatsworth Team 22.

      I have already heard from many of you, who have already started
      thinking about, planning, & preparing for next year. There are two
      off-season events being planned in California which will continue the 2001
      season (same robots, same game, and a few twists added). More information
      (how to register, structure of the event, directions, etc.) will be sent
      out regarding these - but the tentative dates are June 23 for the Summer
      Classic in the Los Angeles area, and third (possibly 4th) Saturday in
      September for the California Robot Games in San Jose. Again, more
      information will be sent out soon regarding these events. There will be
      e-mails with information about these events, an upcoming team forum, 2002
      registration & grant information, and more coming over the next few
      months. Please let myself & FIRST know if any team contact information
      (leaders, e-mail addresses, or phone numbers) have or will change for your

      With the quality of the 2001 1st and 2nd year teams, added to the
      long list of very accomplished veteran teams in the Western States - it is
      almost scary to think of how competitive, impressive, and amazing the field
      of teams will be at all West Coast Regionals next year. We now have almost
      100 teams in the Western States for new schools to learn from, be mentored
      by, and model their programs after.

      One question to all the 2000 & 2001 rookie teams - how does it
      feel to have the rookie label stripped from your team? Welcome to the
      family of "veteran" West Coast teams. :)

      Again - I can not congratulate you all and thank you all enough
      for your tremendous effort, accomplishments and dedication this year. The
      impact each of your teams has had on so many students was VERY clear at
      both West Coast Regionals, something you should be very proud of.


      Jason Morrella

      Jason Morrella ~ jmorrella@...
      Regional Director (West Coast) ~ FIRST Robotics Competition
      FIRST (For Inspiration & Recognition of Science & Technology)
      phone: 408-267-4949 ~ fax: 408-445-8399
      FIRST web address: www.usfirst.org
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