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FRC: Student Leaders and FIRSTWA Engineering Challenge

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  • kevinro@firstwa.org
    Hello Teams! Two things this time: One student team leader should sign up with the FIRSTWA student leadership group The FIRSTWA Engineering challenge is up and
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 13, 2012
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      Hello Teams! 

      Two things this time: 

      1. One student team leader should sign up with the FIRSTWA student leadership group
      2. The FIRSTWA Engineering challenge is up and running

      Student Leadership Group

      Each FRC team in Washington state should assign a student to be the designated student leader who will be part of the FIRSTWA leadership group. The duties for this student will be as follows

      1. To participate in communicating information and activities with other students on their team
      2. Be an active respondant for important communications from FIRSTWA
      3. To be involved with direct communications between other FIRST teams
      4. To occassionally gather input from other team members about proposals and issues relating to being a student on a FIRST team
      5. To be prepared to participate in leadership opportunities

      Students can signup at http://www.firstwa.org/FRC/Leadership.aspx

      FIRSTWA Engineering Challenge

      Each year, the FIRSTWA Engineering Challenge design committee works hard to develop relevant challenges that will prepare your team for a more successful FIRST season.

      In the 2012 Washington FIRST Engineering Challenge (FEC), you will be creating a mechanism that can apply two different downward forces to a 6” inner diameter ring which is oriented vertically and hung by a string. You may use any motors, pneumatics and any other materials allowed in the 2012 FRC Kit of Parts. Your team score will not only depend on your ability to create a mechanism that can perform the specified task to the tolerances stated in the challenge rules, but will also depend on your ability to articulate your engineering process in the engineering notebook and in front of a panel of judges. 

      This challenge will give your some practice in design, fabrication, programming and calculation skills. Additionally, your team will have an opportunity to present their work in front of a panel of judges in a lower stress environment than a typical FRC competition. The documents and training videos for this year’s competition are now available on http://www.firstwa.org/Events/FECPTR/Documents.aspx

      You can sign your team up to participate in the event on this form. The competition will be held on December 8th at Tahoma Junior High School. It’s low key, low stress and will provide your team a relevant engineering challenge. Feel free to contact Adrienne Rime arime@... if you have any questions.

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