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3174Schedule change for OSU and Mount Vernon

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  • Kevin Ross
    Feb 4, 2014

      Hi Teams,

      We have interesting, and we hope good news for you. Two of our district events, Mount Vernon WA and the OSU event in Corvallis OR are a little smaller than the other venues. We have determined a schedule that allows your team to arrive on Friday morning rather than coming down on Thursday evening. This will eliminate a day of travel for you, and a day of travel for our volunteers. So a slight change to your plans are in order.

      We suggest you plan on arriving at 8:00 on Friday morning of your event (Mt Vernon is on Friday 3/14/14, OSU is on 4/4/14). Your team will still get a full 6 hours of inspection and practice time on Friday morning. These two events won't have opening ceremonies until about 2pm on Friday.

      For most of our teams, this decreases the amount of time away from school. It also reduces a night of hotel for a large number of our teams saving tens of thousands of dollars in hotel bills. It also reduces the number of volunteers who need to take Thursday off of work to come help us out. We also understand this might change your plans and cause you to rework your travels. We thank you for your cooperation and understanding that this change is generally a good thing for everyone.

      Hope your team is doing well with this challenge!

      Kevin Ross

      PNW District Chairman


      The Details:

      When we scheduled out the 12 rounds of qualification rounds, we found that the schedule was actually very short. In fact, it takes about 6 hours to play all of the qualification rounds. That means we can start as late as 2pm on Friday and still finish by about 6:30 (Saturday morning still has 2:30 of Qualification matches). To keep the original schedule with a 11am start time, the event would have ended around 2:30 or 3pm on Friday, meaning our volunteers would have spent nearly as much time travelling as they did implementing the event.

      This short of an event also has ramifications for our judges. If teams were not available for the full day on Friday, our judges would not have enough time for team interviews, pit interviews, and match observations. It would have made their day very unproductive and could have impacted the quality of these important judged awards.

      Our volunteers are awesome, but many are taking unpaid days from work to help your team have a successful event. This schedule change allows our volunteers to limit the consumption of unpaid days or valuable family vacation days.

      We did consider the various impacts on team schedules, including a slightly shorter amount of pit time for some teams. In contrast to previous years, the purpose of the pit time at a District Event is to pass inspection. We will talk about this on Thursday, but the key to the districts is for your team to finish your build at your own shop, not at the event. So we believe that the smaller events with additional inspectors will afford you the same quality of experience.