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3153BunnyBots rules update

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  • Dale Yocum
    Sep 4 11:32 AM
      Hit delete now if you aren't involved with BunnyBots this season.

      Sorry to blast this out to everyone but there has been an important update to the BunnyBots rules and not everyone is following the BunnyBots Facebook page yet.  In the future all updates to the BunnyBots rules will be posted to the BunnyBot Facebook page and registered teams exclusively.  Drop whatever you are doing at "Like" https://www.facebook.com/bunnybots1540  so you are in the loop.

      The nefarious strategists at Mean Machine and CHS Robotics uncovered a game-breaking strategy with the BunnyBots rules.  More importantly they were also gracious enough to let us know about it.  Thanks guys!  The strategy involved setting up an endless loop, similar to what Team 469 did in 2010, where the robot just parks next to the back pocket with a chute and the balls are rolled down into the pocket over and over again.  The new rules make that a lot harder.  The rule update is:

      "Balls must contact the carpet outside of a robot’s current frame perimeter before they are eligible to score. That being said, balls do not score in pockets until they are first touched by a robot."

      Also drive train motor limits were removed from robot rules. Some teams wanted to experiment with swerve drive and this was getting in the way.

      Also a clarification that each alliance can have no more than three bunnies at the beginning of the match distributed as they see fit amongst their robots.

      The new rules can be found at http://team1540.org/bunnybotsgame/

      Dale Yocum
      Team 1540 Head Coach