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Recap of last week's call + how to listen to recording if you missed it

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  • henrywill4
    Sept. 21, 2006 PM Lessons Learned .com conference call recap: Note: the recordings are available in case you missed past calls: To listen to the past
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      Sept. 21, 2006 PM Lessons Learned .com conference call recap:

      Note: the recordings are available in case you missed past calls:

      To listen to the past pmlessonslearned.com conference calls, follow
      these simple directions:
      1) Call 1 (712) 432-6099
      2) Enter (424 424 #)
      3) Enter one of the following numbers according to the call you want
      to hear:

      783 43# for the Sep. 21, 2006 Conference Call
      568 86 # for the Aug. 17, 2006 Conference Call
      376 24 # for the July 13, 2006 Conference call (note: there is some
      wait time in the beginning of this call waiting for the call to begin)

      (note: 0# will play the audio from the last conference call.)

      Now for a brief Recap of the call:

      In the "Files" section of the Yahoogroup are the slides Debbie furnished

        • Guest Panelist: Debbie Neuscheler-Fritsch
          • BIO - Guest Speaker: Debbie Neuscheler-Fritsch, Senior Vice President, Harleysville Insurance - Debbie has spent more than a decade focused on the strategic deployment and execution of business process improvement methodologies, with specific emphasis on the application of Six Sigma in financial services. Debbie has served in senior leadership roles in a number of Fortune 500 firms, including J.P. Morgan Chase, GE Capital Modular Space, GE Financial Assurance and Pricewaterhouse Coopers. Over the course of her career, Deborah has led and/or supported over 300 projects in transactional, service-based operations such as call centers and "back office" processes. Debbie's credentials also include having served as Senior Examiner for the Malcolm Baldrige Quality Award process in 1995-1999. Debbie is currently Senior Vice President of Performance Excellence at Harleysville Insurance, a regional property & casualty insurer in the Philadelphia area.

        • Topic - Stakeholder Management: Ignore at Your Project's Peril!
            • Stakeholders: Who are they? Why are they important?
            • Stakeholder Analysis: A Tool for Assessing Where Stakeholders Stand
            • Turning Analysis into Action: Key to Successful Change

      • PM Resources:

      "Help each other out" Email:

      • Once a month I will be sending out an email to the whole team explaining what help some of the folks in our group need
      • I sent out two such emails in the past month, but not much response For example:
        • I am setting up relationships with recruiters that recruit PMs, I've listed jobs – these recruiters need PMs to fill jobs
        • I listed PMs looking for jobs – people out of work
        • I've listed that there are folks looking to join in a PMP Study Group
      • In order to make this work we need your cooperation. Contact me if you see something in there you can help with

      I'm going to be sending this email out right after the first of the month, so if you have any needs, please send them to me via link on homepage

      I recently talked to Cornelius of thepmpodcast.com – he has weekly podcasts on Project Management. He gave me pointers on how to get our recordings out as podcasts. Listen in to his podcasts!

      From the website of the PMI-NJ Chapter http://www.pminj.org

      Fall PMP Exam Review Class Announcement Saturdays in Oct.  Parsippany , New Jersey . 

      International Project Management Day November 2, 2006 Somerset , NJ Professional Development Day

      From the Website of the Etpnetwork at ETPNetwork.com

      Articles page "Developing the Known Network" about networking

      On the ETPNetwork yahoogroup, you'll see a spreadsheet for tracking your network under the "Files" are. This

      Had a talk with John Hadley the other day. He is having a free Tele-class on ""5 Secrets to Getting a Job You'll Love!"   http://jhacareers.com/DreamJob.htm   Friday, September 22 @ Noon Eastern / 9AM Pacific, or Monday, September 25 @ 6PM Eastern / 3PM Pacific

      He told me that any of you from pmlessonslearned.com members can have one-half hour of free career counseling, just contact him and tell him I sent you.

      I recently was contacted by Aaron Shenhar and Joca Stefanovic of Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken , NJ . They have a website: www.strategicprojectleadership.com, with a "SPL Maturity Assessment Tool" – it has a questionnaire (about 15 minutes). The effort is not great, and the benefits to the PM community can be significant. We make the research findings available on the Internet to all the participants, and those who wish so will have personalized reports on the data they contributed.

      I have been talking with Justin over at MKS lately about a product they have to streamline project management of IT Projects. Their product integrates with MS Project and allows you to:

      a) Manage the process around the project,

      b) Prevent bottlenecks

      c) Provide visibility

      d) Track changes

      e) Facilitate collaboration between all groups involved in development lifecycle.

      f) Ensure project is meeting business goals.


      They have a PM focused webinar coming up on October 25th where you'll learn techniques, tips and best practices in how to create, capture and use metrics to your advantage to improve software project estimation and execution and to better meet your organization's quality objectives.

      This advice oriented webinar will feature MKS Integrity, a powerful and flexible process, workflow and portfolio management solution providing real time project and portfolio management capabilities.


      I'll provide the link when I publish the notes of this call to the yahoo group email list (join the yahoo group to get the conference call notes)


      The link to register is:




      Our Guest Panelist that will be with us on the October call is Jim Blaylock – he authored

      Project Management Best Practices:  A to Z

      Authors:  Jim Blaylock, PMP and Dr. Rudd McGary, PMP

      ISBN  0-9719121-0-6         Published by PM Best Practices, Inc, Columbus , Ohio , May 2002

      Cover Price: $29.95     Student/Professional Price $15.00 plus shipping and handling

      To purchase book, contact jblaylock1@...     

      I talked to Jim the other day, if requested, he will sign the book for any pmlessonslearned.com member – your all members if you are on the call or in the yahoo group (free membership)



      ProjectWorld &   The World Congress for Business Analysts USA

      To be held in Orlando In November this year.

      100 Speakers selected from relevant industries, keynotes by:

                  Abbie Lundberg, Editor-in-Chief, CIO Magazine

                  Dr. Harold Kerzner, Project Management Guru, Academic & Best

      Selling Author

                  George Ross, Executive Vice President, Senior Council, Trump

      Organization & Co-Star of "The Apprentice"


      They asked 50 top-notch industry experts to answer a few

      questions for the project management and business analysis community -

      The questions were

      1. What is currently your biggest challenge in Project Management?

      2. What is your best tip for new PMs?

      3. What do you see as the next step within your career?

      4. Please share any funny or interesting stories that have happened to you in

      your project management role.


      There is also a great netsletter you can sign up for on their site.

      Sept. Newsletter titled "Building Real Teams With Real Feedback "


      See the link on the site for info Projectworld.com

      Ways to get PDUs : Project Management 1500 hours per year

      http://projectmanagementblog.com – Topics and links for various PM subjects

      I also talked to Diana Lindstrom  - She will be our November guest panelist. She has a website and blog accessible at http://www.shipwreckedproject.com/ - I am talking with her and Serge DeBock SdB+PM Forum http://www.sdbpluspm.com – Our past speaker, Alex S. Brown, is a moderator of this forum site.

      Brief 3 or 4 minute podcasts: Resolving Conflict, The Weakest Link

      Resources at pmlessonslearned Yahoo group

      • General PM info
      • Links to these sites
      • There is also a calendar of events and files available on the yahoo group site – see pmlessonslearned.com for links to the yahoo site

      We need your feedback – Please let us know what days work best, comments and suggestions for segments on the show, etc.

      Also, please send items you need our groups help with to me by the first of each month.


      "Rites of Passage" by John Lucht - good book for those in transition or looking for a better position (aren't we all?)
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