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Important news regarding American Sign Language classes for homeschoolers :)

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  • mamaof402382
    UPDATED INFORMATION: AMERICAN SIGN LANGUAGE CLASSES Attention parents: I m trying REALLY HARD to set up some additional classes in places which I ve not
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 11, 2013

      Attention parents: I'm trying REALLY HARD to set up some additional classes in places which I've not been able to get to. To all the Cape Cod families, those in metro Boston/Cambridge area, and Norfolk County I need your feedback.
      To all others who have contacted me regarding classes: your emails have been saved and information will be coming your way next week which will provide class dates/times. Some of you who have offered to host a class have already heard from me. You will find ALL American Sign Language class info reposted at the bottom of this email.
      Your requests are in great number, I'm humbled knowing that you have this much faith in me. I'm trying so hard to make all of you happy! If you wish to learn more about me and the programs which I teach/direct you may do so via my website: mariannemolinariasl.com Be sure to check out "student testimonials" which can be found thru the "more" tab. I'm especially proud of these comments.

      ~Cape Cod families: I'm willing to travel to Plymouth MA. I've got a host family who is located just minutes from exit 3. Does this work for any of you? Does this Plymouth class location help any other families who have not been able to attend ASL classes?

      ~Boston/Cambridge and North Shore families: For the first time in 13 years of teaching this ASL program I'm willing to consider using public transportation ( purple line) from Whitman or perhaps the subway (Red Line from Braintree) to reach you guys! I'm a whimp and will not drive to/through Boston. Using public transportation might just be the answer! The tricky part is finding a class location which is right at / SHORT walk from the train stop. Churches, residences, libraries etc…. are some of the places where ASL homeschooler classes have been taught in the past. After checking the commuter rail (purple line) schedule I've been able to narrow down days/times. On Tuesdays or Wednesdays I could catch the 11:08 train from Whitman and head north. There may be possible stops before I reach South Station which would allow for a good ASL class location/headcount.
      If need be I could jump onto the subway and travel a short distance to get to a class. I must catch the 2:10 or 2:47 train from South Station ( purple line) back home so that I can get to my late afternoon/evening classes. Since this travel will be a tad more time consuming and expensive I would like to set up 2 classes which would run back to back with a 15 minute break in between. A sturdy headcount must support this program. If this is something you and your HS loop would enjoy in your area (finally!!!) then please contact me with your suggestions and ideas. I'm so sorry that it's taken me this long to get to you all…..I have not forgotten about you.

      ~Norfolk County families: As you know I live in Whitman. Thus far I've received many offers from families in your county who wish to host ASL classes. The closest most convenient town for me is Easton however I would consider the offer to teach in Norton. How many of you would be satisfied with traveling to Easton to attend class?

      *For those who missed this………ASL Class information Reposted*

      American Sign Language Classes for Homeschoolers… UPDATED INFO FOR FALL/WINTER 2013

      Hello HS families,

      It's my pleasure to offer ASL to Homeschoolers for the 13th year! This program has been highly successful because of the wonderful attendees and host families.. The cost of class remains unchanged $5.00 per week per student however:
      • I'm no longer able to offer a pay as you go option. Sadly and unfortunately I've been faced with a great number of situations which result in me not getting paid. For 12+ years many of you have enjoyed the $5.00 per class pay as you go system. This "pay as you go" system helped make it possible for your children to attend class. I'm truly sorry that I must ask for the cost of each 6 week session to be paid in full at the first class. This was a tough but necessary decision 
      • I would like to offer this class on Tuesdays or Thursdays from 1pm-2pm "ish". As always we will need a host family. If you wish to host ASL class the cost for you and your children will be waived. ( I'm always flooded with offers to host class, I'll choose the host family based on best location). The exact day/time/location will be determined based on your feedback and responses. Look for this info to be posted by the 2nd week in August.

      • We will continue with our "shoes off policy"…many pairs of feet can sure drag in lots of mud, rain, snow etc….
      This class will be opened to kids and parents (yes….parents may register as well for the same weekly fee of $5.00) ages 6 and up .

      ~PLEASE NOTE: There is another ASL class which I will open/offer to older homeschoolers (middle school/high school aged kids). This class meets Thursday mornings in Bridgewater @ The Conant Community Health Center from 10:00-11:30. This program runs for 6 weeks at a time (Sept/June).
      Because the classes are longer ( 90 minutes) the cost is a bit more. Non-homescholers pay $75.00 for the 6 week course. I will lower the cost for homeschoolers and their parents to $65.00. This is a beginner program however many older kids prefer it as it's faster paced and loaded with content. Many homeschoolers attend this class and receive foreign language credit from me!
      The next Thursday morning Bridgewater class begins Sept. 5th and runs until Oct. 10th. Slots for this program will be held on a first come/first serve basis. Payment for this 6 week program is due at the first class. To sign up for this class please contact me : manny66@...
      You can find a complete schedule and learn more about this ASL program on my website:

      • Those of you who are new to homeschooling or to the area may not be familiar with this ASL program.
      Please read below for a description of what you can expect to learn. I look forward to meeting many new families. Class cancellations (due to weather) will always be posted on my website: mariannemolinariasl.com
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