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American Sign Language......slots available in the next session !

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  • mamaof402382
    Hello everyone! I m happy to announce that I will run another 6 week American Sign Language/Deaf culture program on Thursday afternoons at the home of Laura
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 21, 2012

      Hello everyone! I'm happy to announce that I will run another 6 week American Sign Language/Deaf  culture program on Thursday afternoons at the home of Laura Fiore 29 Highland Circle Halifax. This Thursday afternoon program will run from Nov. 1st-Dec.13th.

      Class meets weekly from 2:30-3:30.

       The last class on Dec. 13th will be optional as it's really close to the Christmas holiday.

      Cost for class is $5.00 per student. Parents may enroll with their kids at the same cost of $5.00 per class. Families seem to really appreciate the weekly payments ( $5.00 per student per class) in lieu of up front full payments. I do ask that those who register commit to the 6 week program.  NO BOOKS are needed! I create all lesson plans and distribute them each week. This past session attendees enjoyed a lesson on Deaf/blindness. I brought a friend of mine ( Deaf/blind) to class and everyone was fascinated with tactile ( hand over hand) sign. Additionally, all attendees got the opportunity to "introduce" themselves by fingerspelling their names in my friend's hand. Because this lesson was so enjoyed I plan to follow up with another lesson on Deaf/blindness in this upcoming session. This is a beginner program however it's not about learning letter, number, animal, and color signs. The lesson plans are extremely functional in nature.

                   We don't create spoken sentences/language in categories of words. ASL/manual language is no different in that respect. Students will learn a great deal about Deaf culture which is an absolute must.  Doesn't it make sense to learn about the people you are hopeful to communicate with?  Deaf and hearing culture is NOT the same! Come to ASL class and learn why mittens do NOT make a good gift for a Deaf person. Learn why the Deaf say they are from a different planet than hearing peopleĀ…. The planet "EYETH"

      is a visual place/planet and the planet "EARTH" is a place for those who rely on sound. Find out why you absolutely cannot learn ASL from an ASL dictionary ( in fact ASL vocabulary only accounts for 4-6% of ASL).

      A few slots remain available in this class. Please contact me  manny66@...  to get your name (s) on the attendance list.




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