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American Sign Language Classes for Homeschoolers… sign ups:)

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  • mamaof402382
    Hello HS families, It s my pleasure to offer ASL to HS ers for the 11th year! This program has been highly successful because of the wonderful l attendees
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 8, 2010
      Hello HS families,

      It's my pleasure to offer ASL to HS'ers for the 11th year! This program has been highly successful because of the wonderful l attendees and host families. This fall I am only able to schedule one ASL class so available slots will be held on a first come first serve basis. The cost of class remains unchanged $5.00 per week per student. Students are allowed one free absence. This has helped to keep the attendance consistent and limits kids unnecessarily being placed kids on a waiting list. We will continue with our "shoes off policy"…many pairs of feet can sure drag in lots of mud, rain, snow etc….
      This class will be opened to kids and parents ( yes….parents may register as well for the same weekly fee of $5.00) ages 6 and up. Class will be held at Shannon Micciantuono's home on 90 Dundee Drive in Bridgewater. Class will run Wed. afternoons from 3-4pm for 6 weeks beginning Wed. Sept 22nd.
      If you would like to sign up for this class please contact me manny66@....
      Those of you who are new to homeschooling or to the area may not be familiar with this ASL program.
      Please read below for a description of what you can expect to learn. I look forward to meeting many new families.

      American Sign Language IS a true language accepted under the label "foreign language"

      Did you know:

      1)Deaf is different from deaf?
      2)That there are 22 signing systems AND one true manual language….ASL? WOW….this means the Deaf sure are diverse communicators!!
      3)In 1894 the football huddle was created by a Deaf football players at Gallaudet University?
      (Hummm sure makes sense to hide your signing hands when you're deciding on the next play)!
      4)The definition of ASL literacy is knowing/understanding the language AND Deaf culture?
      5)The Deaf have "accents" on their hands, just as hearing people have accents in their voices. This means that ASL signs can vary depending upon where you live!
      6) VOCABULARY only accounts for 4-6% of ASL. Therefore you will learn about:
      Classifiers, eye gaze, grammar/sentence types, indexing, contrastive structure, sign inflection, loan/lexicalized signs, spatial agreement etc……
      7) CULTURE is vital to you as an ASL student. Understanding a Deaf person culturally will allow you to be accepted into the Deaf community. The Deaf are very proud of their beautiful ASL and Deaf culture!
      On a cultural note you can expect to learn about: Deaf folklore, Deaf traditions, Deaf history, Deaf personality traits/social norms, Deaf poetry , Deaf art and literature, Deaf humor etc…..

      Note: A friend of mine and a very qualified Deaf teacher is able to teach another class or 2 in Hingham at her home. Andrea is a brain tumor survivor and has been Deaf for the past 22 years. She taught ASL at the Marshfield High School until the program was cut due to budget issues. If you would like her contact information please send me a note and I'll pass it along. Andrea lives in Hingham and she teaches from her office/classroom there at her residence.
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