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302American Sign Language Classes!

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  • mamaof402382
    Aug 29, 2012
      Hello Homeschoolers,
      There are still slots available in the 6 week American Sign Language program which will be held in Halifax on Thursday afternoons from 2:30-3:30 starting Sept. 13th. ASL class will be hosted by the Fiore family at 29 Highland Circle. ASL is a true functional language and is accepted as a foreign language in most states (Yes, accepted here in MA). I am excited to expose all learners to more than just ASL and Deaf culture. This fall I will teach a class pertaining to Deaf/blindness. I'm sure all attendees will enjoy watching tactile sign and meeting a dear friend of mine who is Deaf/blind. Students will have the opportunity to ask questions ( I will interpret) as they gain insight to the dark /silent world of the Deaf/blind. Please see below for details pertaining to this highly regarded program. I look forward to seeing you soon.
      Smiles Marianne Molinari

      (The info below was posted earlier this summer and provides more info pertaining to this ASL program)

      ~Since many families have come and gone since my last post over a year ago it makes sense that I outline the program and clarify how it works. Cost per student remains $5.00 per class. This cost has never gone up in the 10+ years that I've been teaching homeschoolers ASL. Parents may enroll with their child (children) at the same cost of $5.00 per class. A family wishing to host ASL class in their home will benefit from NO COST of ASL instruction for their children. Classes run for one hour and each class meets once a week. Most sessions run for 6 to 8 weeks. Those considering hosting can rest easy knowing that we go through a list of do's and don'ts so that everyone is on the same page when entering class. For example: We have a "shoes off" policy. It just seems fair that we not track in dirt, water, snow or other "goodies". Those interested in hosting must have a good sized area for the kids to gather. Classes tend to get quite big……sometimes 15+ attendees. I will enroll on a first come/first serve basis. Slots are held on an honor system. No $$$ is ever due to hold slots. I ask that if you request a slot (or slots) you honor this commitment. Students are allowed one free absence from class during each 6 or 8 week session. NO BOOKS are needed as I supply weekly handouts. A folder is always a good idea as I do give many handouts. This keeps the cost down which families truly appreciate.
      ~American Sign Language is a true functional language and is in no way like English. Those attending will enjoy a journey into Deaf culture. Cultural content is a must as it enables students to better understand the DIVERSITY within the Deaf/deaf communities. Additionally, students will learn about various signing systems. We will compare and contrast means of manual communication on the language continuum (this will include lesson plans highlighting deaf blindness). Did you know:
      • Paul Hubbard (Deaf football player from Gallaudet University) created the football huddle?
      • You CANNOT learn ASL from an ASL dictionary
      • Signs gloss ideas/concepts……not English words.
      • The Deaf have accents on their hands just as hearing/speaking people have accents on their voices.
      • Vocabulary only accounts for 4-6% of American Sign Language.
      ~Which means you'll have to come to class to learn what makes up for the other 94-96% of this visual/gestural language.

      I'm excited to share this wonderful learning opportunity with old and new faces. Please contact me if you'd like to consider enrolling in the fall so that I may begin to put this program together. You can learn more about me AND find all class schedules on my website:
      Be mindful that the ASL for homeschoolers program is "private"…..only open to homeschooling families. The classes posted on my website are open to everyone however many of these classes do have waiting lists.

      Big smilesJ