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Oliver Koch submitted changes to ploticus

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  • Steve Grubb
    Hi, Oliver Koch has contributed a package of changes and improvements (attached). It will take me some time to work through these, in the meantime I m posting
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 25, 2008
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      Hi, Oliver Koch has contributed a package of changes and improvements (attached).
      It will take me some time to work through these, in the meantime I'm posting the contributed changes here for those who may find them useful right away.  Oliver has contributed valuable code in the past which is in production, such as proc curvefit's interpolated curve generating routine.  Thanks Oliver!


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      From: <Oliver.Koch@...>
      Date: Tue, Mar 25, 2008 at 8:43 AM
      Subject: My changes to ploticus
      To: SteveGrubb@...

      Dear Steve,

      Finally, I've completed my work on ploticus to extend its functionality to
      my needs. I think my changes can be helpful for other users, too. So, I
      offer you the changes to include them into ploticus.
      (I hope you will do so, because my benefit would be, that I can easily
      up to new release with minimal effort.)

      My code changes base on ploticus 2.33, and I haven't move them to 2.40+
      If there's some overlap between your changes 2.33->2.40 and my changes (svg
      import), please choose what you prefer.

      The changed files are:

      The changes are as follows:

      1. New attribute "proc axis stubs: log" added:
      Changed files: proc_axis.c: 18, 120, 198, 248, 568, 814, 1015, 1081, 1099
      Examples: Example1.plo line 54         = Example1.svg
               Example1.plo lines 832 & 840 = Example1.p4.svg
               Example1.plo line 1150       = Example1.p5.svg

      2. New algorithm added to get min/max (autorange) for "proc axis stubs:
      Changed files: autorange.c: 477
      Examples: Example1.svg

      3. Correction in proc_axis.c (???):
      Changed files: proc_axis.c: 1087

      4. Corrected plot of interpolated curves with "proc axis stubs: log":
      Changed files: proc_curvefit.c: 251
                    plg.c: 284
                    plg.h: 140, 284
      Examples: Example1.svg

      5. Maximum number of clickmaps increased:
      Changed files: clickmap.c: 19

      6. Deprecated win32 function sleep() changed:
      Changed files: custom.c: 9
                    functions.c: 16

      7. SVG import of bitmaps added:
      Changed files: pcode.c: 79, 866, 893
                    proc_import.c: 73
                    svg.c: 34, 96, 105, 651
      Examples: Example1.svg

      8. New attribute svg_mouseover_js_path added:
      Changed files: proc_settings.c: 105
                    svg.c: 305, 751, 970
      Examples: Example1.plo line 8

      9. Improved readability of SVG ouput:
      Changed files: svg.c: 343, 350, 375, 382, 423, 430
      Examples: Example1.svg

      10. Drawing vertical text boxes improved:
      Changed files: proc_annotate.c: 49, 187
      Examples: Example1.svg

      11. Maximum number of legend entries increased:
      Changed files: proc_legend.c: 12

      12. Correction to reset legend entries:
      Changed files: proc_legend.c: 181, 456

      13. Init legend added (???):
      Changed files: proc_page.c: 43

      14. Size of mouse-over pop-up windows increased:
      Changed files: GraphPopups.js: 89

      To make it easier for you to follow my source code changes, I enclosed all
      changes  in brackets like:
       My changes.
      For sure, please change every comment you like to change.

      I always tried to do minimal changes to ploticus, but still accomplish my
      goals. I hope you would check and correct my changes carefully, in case I
      missed some aspects.
      I would be happy, if you consider of adding my changes to a new release.

      (See attached file: changes.zip)(See attached file: example.zip)

      Please, let me know, what you think.



      I'm using Eclipse + MinGW + zlib + libpng as IDE. If you feel, that my
      environment (project file, ...) could be useful, I'm happy to send it over.

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