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Re: [ploticus] new user question - controlling ranges of time-based x-axis

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  • Stephen C. Grubb
    Mark, PC builds of ploticus don t display interactively, the way you re working is the only way to go. If your linux system has X11 it should be easy to get
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 19, 2007

      PC builds of ploticus don't display interactively, the way you're working
      is the only way to go. If your linux system has X11 it should be easy to
      get that working, but anyway.

      If your datetime info is in field 1 and sorted, you should see the x axis
      ranging from the beginning of your time interval to the end. Is your
      input data set tab-delimited? If so try adding "-delim tab" to the
      command line.

      That's about all I can suggest without seeing your data set... if you
      still can't get it to work feel free to send me an example data set so I
      can attempt to reproduce the problem here. Thanks,


      On Mon, 12 Nov 2007, Mark Seger wrote:

      > I've written a tool for collecting very comprehensive and detailed
      > linux system performance data (see: http://collectl.sourceforge.net/)
      > and one of the features that makes this tool different than most is
      > its ability to generate data in plottable format (space separated
      > fields) and I've been using gnuplot to do this for years.
      > I've just been pointed to ploticus by one of my users and after trying
      > it out I think it had great promise. The only thing is as a new user
      > I'm having a bit of a struggle with all its features (something I hear
      > about collectl all the time). Specifically, I have a data file with
      > 8640 rows in it (10 second samples) and about 100 columns of data (I
      > told you I can collect lots of stuff) While I seem to be able to
      > generate some basic plots using "-prefab chron" my x-axis is showing
      > up with a label for 3 days and including the day before and the day
      > after the data in my file.
      > Looking around I've found lowfix and highfix but no examples of how to
      > specify date/time ranges with it. Can they be used for this purpose?
      > Here's the command I'm using:
      > pl.exe -prefab chron data=cag-dl380-01-20060928.tab datefmt=yyyymmdd
      > x=1 y=6 -gif -o xxx.gif -maxfields 1000000
      > As you can see I'm running it on a PC (I tried to get it to build on
      > linux and had problems in that it couldn't find X11 but those are
      > problems for another day as I'm happy to work on a PC for now). I
      > also couldn't figure out how to display plots interactively and
      > so that's why I'm generating them as a file and then using a viewer to
      > look at them. I told you I'm a newbie... 8-)
      > I'll keep poking around but I figure if there are some easy answers to
      > some of my questions it will save me some time.
      > -mark

      Stephen C. Grubb scg@... x-6633
      Scientific Software Engineer, The Jackson Laboratory
      600 Main Street Bar Harbor, Maine 04609 USA
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