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746Re: [ploticus] Ploticus Hangs on big numbers

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  • Stephen C. Grubb
    Feb 6, 2004
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      your script had a couple of problems...

      be sure that the data field you use with autorange is the one you will be
      plotting.. you were doing yautorange=2 but then plotting field 3.

      the bigger issue is the way ploticus hangs.. this is caused by the x axis
      in plot 2.. where no stub increment is specified. This is a known race
      condition bug which will be fixed in the next release, when no stub
      increment is specified, or when stubs: none is specified.

      Workaround is to specify stubs: inc
      or omit the X axis altogether (which seemed like a possiblity in this

      It's a good looking graph.

      I'll check your follow-up post now.


      // here's your script, modified to work:

      #proc getdata
      showresults: yes
      fieldnameheader: no
      delim: comma

      // Define a plotting area using proc areadef
      #proc areadef
      title: Stuff
      rectangle: 1 1 6 5
      xscaletype: categories
      xcategories: datafield=1
      autowidth: .2 3.0 5
      // yautorange: datafield=2
      yautorange: datafield=3

      // Do the red curve using proc lineplot
      #proc lineplot
      xfield: 1
      yfield: 3
      linedetails: color=red
      // ptlabelfield: 2

      #proc xaxis
      tics: yes
      stubs: datafields=1
      stubvert: yes
      grid: no
      axisline: width=2.5 color=green
      stubdetails: size=6

      #proc yaxis
      tics: yes
      grid: yes
      stubs: incremental
      stubcull: yes
      stubformat: %12.0f
      axisline: width=2.0 color=green
      stubdetails: size=7

      //--------------------Next Graph------------------------

      #proc areadef
      title: Total Flows
      rectangle: 6.8 1 7 5
      yscaletype: categories
      ycategories: datafield=1
      // xautorange: datafield=2
      xautorange: datafield=3
      // autowidth: .2 3.0 7

      #proc bars
      horizontalbars: yes
      color: redorange
      lenfield: 3
      numbersformat: %12.0f
      labelword: @@N
      labeldetails: size=6

      // BUG - race condition when no stub inc is specified, or stubs: none
      // #proc xaxis
      // grid: no
      // tics: no
      // labeldetails: align=left

      #proc yaxis
      stubs: datafields=1
      stubdetails: size=6


      The nature of my data is this: field one is a date and is used only as
      a label. Field 2 is always smaller than field 3 and field 4. If I use
      field 3 or 4 as my plottable data, it either graphs nothing in the
      case of the line plot, or it hangs, in the case of the bar plot. If i
      use field 2, they both seem to work fine. Does ploticus have a
      problem with big numbers? I am using version 2.20

      Is there a work around? I really need to be able to plot field 2, 3,
      or 4. This is very important, and fairly urgent.

      Thanks for your great product and support.

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