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68Can someone help with the CGI directions from the website?

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  • gmester@gsm.uci.edu
    Nov 1, 2001
      I am trying to use Ploticus via the CGI call on a Windows 2000 server.
      I am using the following link to generate a graph via the CGI method


      ....and here is the error message I get in the IE web broswer....

      Usage: pl -prefab prefabname [parameters] ..or.. pl scriptfile
      With: -ps -eps -gif (and -png using plpng)

      My feedback.pl file contains ...
      #proc areadef
      rectangle: 1 1 4 2
      xrange: 0 5
      yrange: 0 100

      #proc xaxis:
      stubs: text
      Europe,\nAustralia,\n Pacific

      #proc yaxis
      label: Growth Rate
      stubs: inc 20
      minortics: yes
      minorticinc: 5

      #proc getdata
      data: 76

      #proc bars
      lenfield: 1
      color: teal
      barwidth: 0.2

      and I do have a pl.cnf file in the same directory as the pl.exe. I
      know the browser is hitting the p.exe or else I would not be getting
      the error message from the browser. I am just confused as to what
      else I am missing? Any help is greatly appreciated!