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2292Re: [ploticus] use chron prefab for time-based data

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  • Romina Natalia Tulisi
    Feb 8, 2011
    Hi Steve!

    Thanks very much for replying and for your explanation! As you've suggested I have been playing around with the chron prefab and managed to get the following image (attached).

    However, I still have some issues and hopefully you can help me out:

    1) I'm trying to set autoyears=yes (so I can mark the years when it changes), but it doesn't show up.

    2) I absolutely need to show error bars (this is one of the main reasons why I've decided for ploticus). I've tried using some random numbers (perhaps that's the mistake), but I can't get them to show inspite the chron prefab documentation mention the err's parameters as being available.

    3) I've also need to use the "pointsym" param that is available in the lines prefab and I saw that you once mentioned that you were going to add support for it in the chron prefab  but I think it's not available. Is there a workaround?

    Again, this is my last command line sentence:

    pl -prefab chron data=e.plo x=1 y=2 y2=3 err=4 datefmt=yyyy-mm-dd
                       xnearest=day xstubdet=size=4 unittype=datetime xinc="21 day"
                        xgrid=yes ygrid=yes mode=line autoyears=years
                        legendfmt=across legtextdet="size=5"
                        title="Tasa de concepción del tambo XX vs valores poblacionales"
                        name="Tambo-XX" name2="Valores-poblacionales"
                        -gif -o e.gif -debug

    Attached is the gif file I'm getting.

    Also attached is the data file (e.plo).

    Thanks so much in advanced!


    On Tue, Feb 8, 2011 at 1:53 PM, Steve Grubb <stevegrubb@...> wrote:

    Hello Romina, since you're dealing with time-based data (dates) you need to use the chron prefab not the lines prefab.  Also note that the date format must be specified.  I was able to get results using this command:

    pl -prefab chron data=e.plo x=1 y=2 datefmt=yyyy-mm-dd mode=line -gif -o output.gif

    Thanks for the clear and concise problem report!


    On Mon, Feb 7, 2011 at 5:59 PM, Romina Natalia Tulisi <rtulisi@...> wrote:

    I'm begining to use ploticus for a personal project. I'm using the "lines" prefab because it's the one that suites my needs the most. I can't seem to be able to show dates (in the format of yyyy-mm-dd) in the X axis. Strange values keep appearing instead of dates (like cut-up date values?).

    This is the command line sentence I'm using:

    pl -prefab lines data=e.plo x=1 y=2 pointsym=none -gif -o c:/desarrollo/campus/dctec/ploticus/e.gif -debug echodata=yes

    The data file "e.plo" is attached. So is the gif file.

    Also, for some reason I'm getting a straight line at the 2010 value... I've read the docs and the prefabs, I've also searched the newsgroup but I'm not getting what's wrong :(

    Hopefully you can help me out.

    Thanks for creating ploticus. It's amazing.


    We sighed and fainted on the sofa - Jane Austen "Love & Friendship"

    We sighed and fainted on the sofa - Jane Austen "Love & Friendship"
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