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2291use chron prefab for time-based data

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  • Steve Grubb
    Feb 8, 2011

      Hello Romina, since you're dealing with time-based data (dates) you need to use the chron prefab not the lines prefab.  Also note that the date format must be specified.  I was able to get results using this command:

      pl -prefab chron data=e.plo x=1 y=2 datefmt=yyyy-mm-dd mode=line -gif -o output.gif

      Thanks for the clear and concise problem report!


      On Mon, Feb 7, 2011 at 5:59 PM, Romina Natalia Tulisi <rtulisi@...> wrote:

      I'm begining to use ploticus for a personal project. I'm using the "lines" prefab because it's the one that suites my needs the most. I can't seem to be able to show dates (in the format of yyyy-mm-dd) in the X axis. Strange values keep appearing instead of dates (like cut-up date values?).

      This is the command line sentence I'm using:

      pl -prefab lines data=e.plo x=1 y=2 pointsym=none -gif -o c:/desarrollo/campus/dctec/ploticus/e.gif -debug echodata=yes

      The data file "e.plo" is attached. So is the gif file.

      Also, for some reason I'm getting a straight line at the 2010 value... I've read the docs and the prefabs, I've also searched the newsgroup but I'm not getting what's wrong :(

      Hopefully you can help me out.

      Thanks for creating ploticus. It's amazing.


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