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2282listsize parameter, error message category list full

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  • João Gomes
    Aug 31, 2010
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      I'm using ploticus to produce a scatter plot.

      I keep receiveing the message:
      "pl proc categories: error 4825: category list is full, some entries ignored (use proc categories to raise)"

      My categories file has almost 800 categories.

      In my script file I including the following code:

      #proc categories
        axis: x
        listsize: 1000
      #include ./scatterplot/cat.inc

      #proc categories
        axis: y
      #include ./scatterplot/cat.inc

      However it's like if it is ignoring the listsize parameter. I tried reducing the categories file to 251 categories and it still didn't work. But if I reduce the file to 250 categories (the default listsize value) it works correctly.

      So my first thought was that it was ignoring the listsize parameter.
      But, if I try the listsize with a value lower than 250, it returns several error messages. So, I suppose it is not ignoring listsize.

      Am I doing something wrong?
      Can anybody help me?

      Thank you!

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