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  • Daniel
    Aug 8 9:02 PM
      Hi Steve,

      It's not needed to post this to the ploticus group (unless you
      want to). I couldn't find your personal email.

      I'm wondering if cairo / pango (CP) might be a better choice
      than GD for programming ploticus. I've used GD for a long time,
      in a different software (nothing to do with ploticus), for
      drawing maps. Recently, I've been changing the source code
      to use CP, to add pdf maps. The vector graphics gives so
      much better detail. I'm getting the hang of CP, and like
      them a lot. I'm in the middle of switching the old png
      mapping to also use CP. At this point, I like CP better
      than GD. I'm pretty sure it has more capacity than GD.

      I use ploticus for auto-generating charts. I don't know if
      there is any clamor for pdf in ploticus. I would probably
      use it if available. On the other hand, I would have to
      think of how to fit wide or long charts onto pdf. A good
      thing about the maps is the size is predictable, so they
      always fit on one pdf page, and look great when printed.

      Besides the pdf, the only things I ever wanted different
      in ploticus were *** labels not overlap on pie charts,
      *** X axis spacing tighter on bar charts, *** not have
      to fiddle with some fudge factors to make auto-generated
      charts always look good. I'm thinking these and other
      things might be more doable using CP.

      ploticus is already very good. This is not intended as
      criticism. I know you're probably not interested in redoing
      the source code. I am not volunteering to do the work. (You
      knew that was coming...) There may be things I don't know
      that might make my suggestion unworkable (if so, I'd be
      interested to know about them).