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2273Re: [ploticus] space in name

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  • Steve Grubb
    Jun 28, 2010
      Hello Travis,

      this is a ploticus bug that was introduced in version 2.41... the fix was posted here:  http://ploticus.sourceforge.net/doc/news.html  (see 12 May 2009 entry).

      It sounds like you are using the ploticus that is included in your os distribution... perhaps ubuntu bundled a patched or earlier version.


      On Wed, Jun 23, 2010 at 6:47 PM, Travis Bear <travis_bear@...> wrote:


      I have a bash shell command to generate ploticus graphs.  With the bash in current version of ubuntu (4.1.5(1)), the labels include space, as intended.  With the bash centos (3.2.25(1)), I'm only getting the first word in the label.  Is there something I'm doing incorrectly?  Here is the bash command:

         ploticus -prefab stack \
                data=$CSV_FILE.thin \                                                                          
                delim=comma \
                xnumeric=yes \
                stackarea=yes \
                color=dullyellow \                                                                             
                color2=red \                                                                                   
                -png \
                -o $GRAPH_DIR/$HOSTNAME.sar.disk.$DISK.throughput.png \                                        
                "title=$HOSTNAME $DISK throughput (sar data)" \                                                
                "rectangle=$X1 $Y1 $X2 $Y2" \                                                                  
                x=1 \
                "xgrid= color=gray(0.9) width=0.5" \                                                           
                "xlbl=elapsed time (seconds)" \                                                                
                y=$SAR_READ_COLUMN \                                                                           
                pointsym=none \
                name="512b sectors read/sec" \
                "ygrid= color=gray(0.9) width=0.5" \                                                           
                y2=$SAR_WRITE_COLUMN \                                                                         
                pointsym2=none \ 
                "legend=2.5 1.4" \
                name2="512b sectors written/sec"  

      The "name" and "name2" values are only "512" and not "512b sectors written/sec" when the graph is generated on centos.  On Ubuntu the names are generated as expected.



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