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2244Re: [ploticus] Plot from arbitrary # of columns?

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  • Steve Grubb
    Feb 1, 2010
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      Hello David,

      the first step would be to use eg.

      #proc getdata
        nfields:  12

      to specifiy the max# of expected fields on any record (12 in this case).  This will then give you a rectangular data matrix to work with,  and unused fields are set to blank.

      then the plotting would generally involve looping thru all the Y fields (your devices), and producing a scatterplot on each iteration

      you can access the device name as given in the header by using the $fieldname( n ) function  http://ploticus.sourceforge.net/doc/functions.html#ploticus

      Good luck!


      On Thu, Jan 28, 2010 at 5:14 PM, David <dlc-yagru@...> wrote:

      OK, I got break processing figured out :)

      Now, how do I deal with the case where I'm given a table with an X field and an arbitrary number of (named) Y fields? I think I just need some hints to get started.

      For example, I have a table of 5-minute system load averages from a set of Linux systems, and the size of this set may/will vary for each different report run:

      1264527900,"2010-01-26 09:45:00 PST",1.53e+02,1.35e+02,1.22e+02,1.39e+02,2.34e+02,

      I need to create, first, a scatter plot and include a legend giving the column (device) names.

      What are the key words/concepts I need to look into? I *suppose* I could do some trivial pre-processing to set an environment variable to the table width, if necessary.


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