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2203Static lib compile/apitest.c

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  • craiglbruce
    Jun 19, 2009
      Bug report for 2.41

      1. src/apitest.c is missing some headers:
      #include <stdlib.h>
      #include <string.h>

      2. Compiling a static lib with X11, works, but when compiling apitest.c requires x11.o and interact.o fix this by adding $(XOBJ) to the Makefile

      # libploticus.a with png
      libploticus-static: $(OBJ) $(XOBJ) api.o gd00files gd16files
      $(RMCOM) libploticus.$(LIBEXT)
      $(ARCOM) libploticus.$(LIBEXT) $(OBJ) $(XOBJ) api.o $(GD16) $(GD)