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2041plotting very wide graphs

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  • chrisatnike
    Nov 9, 2007
      hi there,

      i'm a ploticus newbie but i have to say that after struggling heavily
      with gnuplot for years, i'm finding it to be amazingly flexible and
      precisely what i need! i'm especially impressed with the on-the-fly
      data-transforms and cgi mode, which is incredibly well-suited to a
      project i'm working on.

      however, all is not roses (most is! =)) in ploticus-ville for me. i
      am trying to plot a sizable dataset over a large chunk (days) of
      datetimes, except that the datapoints are often mere minutes in
      length. i'm using hbars, and this can lead to some incredibly tiny
      slivers on the graph. being as i need mouseover (and eventually
      click-to-drill-down-into-the-dataset) for every data point, it's
      nigh-impossible to successfully mouseover such a sliver.

      what i'm hoping for is to make my graph really long. it seems like no
      matter what i set the rectangle to, it chops off at 8" on the x-axis.
      i'd like it to stretch to at least 24"...there are times when we
      really need that much data in a graph.

      can you advise?
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