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2032offset x axis, postscript issue

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  • beribboned
    Sep 28, 2007
      1) (lines prefab) I have data with x values of 16 to 40 in increments
      of 4. I want to avoid the point for x=16 being drawn on the y-axis
      line. I could use xrange="12 40" but then the x-stub of 12 is drawn.
      I could use xrange="15 40" but then there are no stubs exactly under
      my plotted points. I have fiddled with xnearest, stubrange but they
      seem to be ignored in the prefab. Is there a way to do something
      like: xrange="15 40" xstubs="follow" which would mean ONLY put
      stubs/ticks at positions where data exist? Or, maybe move the entire
      x axis a little to the right (so the x axis and y axis do not

      2) (lines prefab) The first x stub (at least in postscipt rendering)
      is too high ... on my graph from above, the postscript says:

      -310.00 92.96 mv 864.00 (16) cent
      (16) sh
      -254.53 90.96 mv 864.00 (20) cent
      (20) sh
      -199.07 90.96 mv 864.00 (24) cent
      (24) sh

      for the 16 20 and 24 stubs. The 92.26 is the culprit.
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