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2025Re: stack plot extention

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  • Mathieu DECORE
    Aug 14, 2007
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      --- In ploticus@yahoogroups.com, "Stephen C. Grubb" <scg@...> wrote:
      > On Tue, 30 May 2006, peteanom k wrote:
      > > Hi !
      > > any reason why a stack plot prefab only can plot up to 4 categories of
      > > data? is there a good reason, or can i just extend the stack.pl from
      > > the prefab dir to use more categories (say up to 10).
      > It should be possible to extend the prefab script to handle more
      > categories; if you come up with something robust feel free to send it in
      > and I'll post it. I believe the only issue was that the code gets
      > uglier.

      i tried to extend it to 10 categories. The only problem is for legend.
      I changed:

      legend = "min+0.5 max+0.5"


      legend = "min+0.5 max+1.75"

      but for only 4 categories the legend is too far from the stacks. How
      can i fix it?

      FYI: changes i made can be found here:


      > > btw:
      > > i run into the next 2 small things:
      > > - using inlinedata, with more then 255 chars (the max) gives a
      > > segmentation error, maybe a nicer error msg would beter, why is there
      > > such a small limit anyway?
      > This should be handled better in 2.33 . The limitation is due to
      the fact
      > that inlinedata is currently handled like any other ploticus
      variable, and
      > these have an upper size limit of 255. I'm considering a way to allow
      > more inlinedata... how are you invoking pl with inlinedata? ie. direct
      > CGI in an <img> tag?
      > > - small remark on the (extensive) documentation (really nice doc
      > > btw!), the snd stack example has: header=yes in the prefab line, but
      > > there aren't any headers in the data file. or i am misinterpreting the
      > > example
      > This is incorrect, and will be fixed in 2.33 Thanks for noticing it!
      > Steve
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