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2005Removing hard limits in ploticus

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  • George Hansper
    Jun 3, 2007
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      Hi Steve

      A couple of times now, I come up against some "hard" limits
      in ploticus, specifically in:

      #proc getdata
      commandmr: perl -e '
      ...perl script...

      and in

      #set variable = "Long,Comma,Separated,List"

      In particular, ploticus does not "fail gracefully" if these
      limits are exceeded. In the case of #set variable, ploticus
      does give an error:

      pl: error 1409: value is too long and has been truncated (#set dummy
      = @_SL01)

      IFF you exceed the limit (250 chars) by a little bit.
      However, exceed this limit by more than a little bit (using ~334 or more
      ploticus just crashes.

      Is there any interest in removing some of these hard-limits?
      Or (in the interests of keeping ploticus CGI-friendly) making these limits
      configurable in the ploticus.cnf file?

      I've had a quick look at the source, to see if I could tweak this limit
      anywhere, but I couldn't find a simple fix.

      In general, I like the fact the ploticus is very fast, and I would not
      suggest trading off speed for "features" (speed _is_ a feature :-)
      But things like 'flex' (aka lex) produce fast lexical scanners, and it
      should be
      possible to make ploticus more robust without sacrificing speed.

      George Hansper
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