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1899[ploticus] Undesirable graph (chart) output (see attachment)...

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  • Eric Hudson
    Aug 31, 2006
      Hello All,

      I have a couple of questions and issues that I hope you all can help me
      with. I have attached my data sets (data5.txt and data6.txt) along with the
      graphs; here goes.

      This is the pl statement I'm using:

      pl -prefab chron data=data5.txt x=2 y=1 datefmt=YYYY-MM-DD timefld=3
      unittype=datetime mode=line stubfmt="hh:mm" -gif xinc="1 hour" -tab=hour
      subvert=yes linedet="color=red"


      Looking at data5.txt why does chron.png show y-axis scale from 0 to 16,000
      when the values within data5.txt are between 0 and 3000 ? How do I correct
      this problem?

      How can I make the graphs look more like the line chart examples? stock.htm
      for example? I would like to see more character within the curves as shown
      in stock.html. I am trying to use ploticus to represent real time graphs so
      the present hour needs to be displayed. How much data do I need to display
      at one time to show good character?

      Why can't I plot multiple lines using chron with -tab=hour? How can I get
      around this limitation as I would like to have multiple plots on one chart.

      For this I'm using data6.txt with the above pl line and changed
      around the x and y respectively along with added y2, y3, and y4.