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1637Re: [ploticus] corrupted symbols: analysis and solution

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  • Stephen C. Grubb
    Oct 6 7:34 AM

      here's a tentative plan for a solution for the lop-sided data point
      symbols problem.

      grgd.c and x11.c (the two raster-type devices that ploticus supports)
      would each have a new function for rendering a pixel-based data point
      symbol at a specific location.. they would share a low level function that
      would render the data point symbol by using templates to color specific
      pixels centered around a data point.

      what I'll need to come up with are the templates. There will need to be a
      template for the various data point shapes, each in several sizes. These
      would be defined in a .h file as program data. For instance, for a small




      Each character will control one pixel. x indicates the exact center. Two
      different characters (o and * in this case) are used in case we want a
      solid colored symbol or an outlined symbol.

      I can come up with the templates for squares, diamonds, and triangles
      easily enough. Circles would take a little more effort.. not that big a
      deal but if anyone can come up with good looking circle templates in
      various sizes up to ~20 characters in diameter that would be a help.
      Maybe there's some ascii art on the web somewhere that could be used...

      should be able to get this into the next release. Exactly how this option
      will be invoked by the user is still to be decided.. probably the more
      automatic the better.


      On Mon, 3 Oct 2005, Andrew Schulman wrote:

      > Back in July, I reported a problem with corrupted symbols in scatterplots on
      > this list (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ploticus/message/1581). An
      > example can be seen in, for example, the y=7 and y=7.4 rows at
      > http://home.comcast.net/~andrex/bugz/ploticus.png (created by the script at
      > http://home.comcast.net/~andrex/bugz/ploticus.plo). Those are rows of
      > diamonds that got corrupted in the plot.

      Stephen C. Grubb x-6633
      Scientific Software Engineer, The Jackson Laboratory
      600 Main Street Bar Harbor, Maine 04609 USA
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