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1634Re: corrupted symbols: analysis and solution

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  • Andrew Schulman
    Oct 4, 2005
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      > I'm sure you noticed that every diamond between the horizontal
      > lines is perfect, all the diamonds on the horizontal lines are
      > corrupted. Does your suggested correction, which it would take
      > me a while to figure out, account for that observation?

      Yes, it does. My explanation for the source of the problem is that whether
      a symbol is drawn correctly depends on your luck with rounding errors as
      the symbol vertices are separately interpolated or rasterized onto the
      pixel grid. It's not surprising that all of the symbols in a common y row
      will come out looking the same way, since their vertices have the same y
      coorindates. This means that the rounding errors (at least in the y
      direction) will affect them all in the same way.

      My proposed solution is to do the rounding to the pixel grid earlier in the
      calculation, so that whatever the error, it's at least applied consistently
      across the whole symbol. This will guarantee consistent shapes.

      Now to make it work...
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