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1632Re: corrupted symbols: analysis and solution

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  • Andrew Schulman
    Oct 3, 2005
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      > Could you clarify what you mean by "corrupted"? In
      > other words, what difference in appearance do you want
      > with the symbols on the y=7 and y=7.4 rows? I apologize
      > if this has already been explained.

      No problem. Grab the figure at
      http://home.comcast.net/~andrex/bugz/ploticus.png , and use your favorite
      image editor to zoom in on it to about 4x.

      First look at the diamonds on e.g. the y=6.9 and y=7.1 rows. These are
      perfectly shaped diamonds, with blue interiors and a 1-pixel wide border.

      Now compare the diamonds on the y=7.0 and y=7.2 rows. The black borders are
      misshapen, and some of the blue interior color has spilled outside of the

      Back at 1x, the deformity may not be immediately obvious, but it does start to
      show up in other places, some more obvious than here. And now that I know
      it's there, I find it pretty distracting.

      There's another example right in the ploticus docs: at
      http://ploticus.sourceforge.net/doc/symboldetails.html, go to the
      "Illustration" table at the bottom, and look at the symbols in the circle,
      pentagon, and diamond rows. These are-- how shall I say it?-- embarassing.
      When I was first looking at ploticus, I saw that table and thought, gee,
      ploticus seems pretty good, but is that supposed to be a circle?

      It turns out that ploticus _is_ really good, which is why I'd like to see this
      one problem get corrected.

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