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1625ploticus is now available in Cygwin

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  • Andrew Schulman
    Sep 30, 2005
      ploticus (version 2.32 at present) is now available in the Cygwin
      distribution. Cygwin users can install it just by selecting the appropriate
      packages in the setup utility. X11, PNG, JPEG, WBMP, SVG, PS, and EPS output
      formats are available, with FreeType2 support. (SWF output is not available
      yet, because libming is not yet available in Cygwin.)

      ploticus is divided into four packages for Cygwin:

      Ploticus executable and test suite. Please note that although the
      ploticus manual refers to the ploticus executable as 'pl', in Cygwin its
      name is /usr/bin/ploticus. (The name /usr/bin/pl is already taken by a
      file in the SWI-Prolog package.) You must either substitute 'ploticus'
      in place of 'pl' everywhere, or else create a symlink, e.g. from
      /usr/local/bin/pl to /usr/bin/ploticus. This should work just fine as
      long as you don't have the SWI-Prolog package installed.

      Static library of ploticus functions, for inclusion into C programs.
      See http://ploticus.sourceforge.net/doc/api.html for documentation of
      the libploticus API.

      Prefabs. ploticus and libploticus both depend on this package, so you
      shouldn't have to explicitly select it for installation.

      HTML documentation, gallery, and examples. If you don't mind going
      online to read the ploticus documentation, then you don't need to
      install this package.

      Please address questions and bug reports to the Cygwin mailing list

      Andrew E. Schulman