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1354Re: [ploticus] Annote arrow colors

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  • Rob Partington
    Jan 26, 2005
      > I am unable to change the color of my arrows. I even copied an
      > example off the ploticus homepage and ran it and arrows that were
      > shown in color on the site were black in my environment. I tried png
      > and svg output.
      > Anyone else come across this, or was there a problem with my build I
      > didn't notice?

      I have. Works fine in 2.20, seems to be a bug in 2.30 but I've been
      too busy to track it down myself any further than finding that it gets
      the colour right when it parsing the block but then somehow losing it
      when it comes to actually drawing the arrows (which end up in one of
      the previous colours -- normally black).
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