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122Re: [ploticus] scatterplot with backwards axis

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  • Stephen C. Grubb
    Mar 1, 2002
      > Is there an easy way to make a scatterplot with reversed axes
      > (negative is "up" and "right" rather than "down" and "left")? I'm
      > rather new to ploticus, but from what I can see, this would represent
      > a significant undertaking. Thanks for your help.

      Yes, this is possible. The underlying axis system of ploticus can
      only go from low to high, but by flipping the sign on data fields
      as well as on the axis stubs, you can achieve the desired results.

      Suppose the following data are in file negscat.dat:
      2 2
      0 0
      -8 -8

      This script should give the desired results.

      #proc getdata
      file: negscat.dat
      filter: ##set NEG1 = $arith(@@1*-1)
      ##set NEG2 = $arith(@@2*-1)
      ##print @@NEG1 @@NEG2

      #proc areadef
      rectangle: 1 1 3 3
      xrange: -10 10
      yrange: -10 10
      xaxis.stubs: inc
      xaxis.signreverse: yes
      yaxis.stubs: inc
      yaxis.signreverse: yes

      #proc scatterplot
      xfield: 1
      yfield: 2

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