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1008Re: auto position lineplot legend

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  • dagoldman
    Aug 2 12:08 AM
      The method in curvefit3 will probably work to put on right,
      as long as not too many lines - location: max+0.5 max

      --- In ploticus@yahoogroups.com, "dagoldman" <dagoldman@y...> wrote:
      > I'm automatically generating lineplots. Each lineplot
      > will have same basic structure, but different data, so
      > NRECORDS and NFIELDS will differ for each lineplot.
      > Here are two examples, with legend in arbitrary position:
      > http://www.ehdp.com/out/730jhwmt-lpt.png
      > http://www.ehdp.com/out/730cykyg-lpt.png
      > Question - Is there a way to reliably position lineplot legend
      > so it does not overlap or stretch way to right? I know I could
      > position the legend by hand, but that is not exactly an option
      > for automated situation. Is there a way to reserve some space
      > for the legend, say for a multiline legend to right of lineplot,
      > and put it there? I tried using singleline below lineplot, and
      > limit NFIELDS to 10, but the legend often stretches way to right.
      > I'm willing to experiment more, but don't want to reinvent the
      > wheel. I didn't see this discussed previously.
      > Probably not needed, but here is link to script for example 1:
      > http://www.ehdp.com/out/pl-7-30-04.txt
      > BTW - The lineplots will be placed within a web page with
      > details concerning the analysis. Here is a pie chart example:
      > http://www.ehdp.com/vn/rw/results/cgi/cau1/dgw/eg2/728nppth-pie-
      > png.htm
      > ploticus is really a great program.
      > Daniel Goldman
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