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Re: Brew stand design

OK, It's been over a year since my last update on this project so it's time for an fresh update. Today, my brew buddy and I will be bringing home the brew
Apr 15
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Upcoming events / meetings - - -

Hi Gang, Yes, I know I have been very lax in my communications. My apologies - I have 8 brewery projects going on all across the country (local too) and
Marc Martin
Apr 5

Re: Make Plans for Big Brew

Hi Gang, A really nice offer from Steve for Big Brew Day on May 2nd. Who wants to do a demo brew out on the sidewalk out front of the store ?? Cheers,
Marc Martin
Mar 16

FW: Craft Brewer Volume Share of U.S. Beer Market Reaches Double Dig

Onward to crush In Bev and S.A.B. !!!!! From: Abby@... To: marc_alpha_king@... Subject: Release: Craft Brewer Volume Share of U.S. Beer
    Marc Martin
    Mar 16
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    Re: Full Sail Sold !!!

    It's better than being sold to Budweiser! At least with this the leaders of Full Sail will continue to run the brewery how they want as Encore will rely on
    Michel Entler
    Mar 13

    Re: Full Sail Sold !!!

    You're killing me Smalls! On Mar 12, 2015 3:34 PM, "Marc Martin marc_alpha_king@...
    Lou Solly
    Mar 12

    Full Sail Sold !!!

    Full Sail has sold out to Encore Consumer Capital Group. About 98% of Full Sail's 78 employees/owners voted in favor of the sale. It sounds as if most all of
    Marc Martin
    Mar 12

    Event Reminder: St. Patrick's Day Homebrew/Hockey Party

    Hi plato_republic@yahoogroups.com, St. Patrick's Day Homebrew/Hockey Party is this Saturday, March 14, 2015 from 06:00 PM - 11:00 PM View Invitation:
    Mike O'Heron
    Mar 12

    Simcoe hops for sale - - -

    Hi Gang, Rodney from Heathen Brewing just contacted me to let me know that they are over stocked on 2013 Simcoe whole leaf hops. He is willing to let them
    Marc Martin
    Mar 11

    Re: BYO Subscriptions - - -

    Thanks, Marc- our best ever Primary Fermenter! F
    Fred Brock
    Mar 10

    BYO Subscriptions - - -

    Hi BYO Subscribers, For those of you who wanted to subscribe or renew - we did get 14 club members that took advantage of the discounted offer. I have
    Marc Martin
    Mar 9

    Club St. Patrick's Party - - -

    Hi Gang, As usual, our March meeting will be the annual St.Patrick's Party. Mike O'Heron will again host this fiasco at his house. See the attached file
    Marc Martin
    Mar 5
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    Marc, you should have received a check from me; if not, expect it in your next delivery. Fred
    Fred Brock
    Feb 22


    I will get you 3 more Marc.  I will send the checks and addresses.  Can't miss my subscription for your good column now can I? Tim Johnson On Sunday,
    Timothy Johnson
    Feb 22


    Only 4 checks received so far - - - Get on it if you want this deal. We need 10 people to make it work !!! Hi Gang, Finally got the info., pricing and
    Marc Martin
    Feb 22
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