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[plagpk] "Pakistan National Biblography

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  • rais samdani
    (2) plagpk@egroups.com From: Samdani, R. A. Subject: [plagpk] Pakistan National Biblography 1947-1961 ( 500 to 900 (Pure Sciences to History &
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 1, 2001
      (2) plagpk@egroups.com
      From: Samdani, R. A.
      Subject: [plagpk] "Pakistan National Biblography
      1947-1961 ( 500 to 900 (Pure Sciences to History &
      Biography) Vol. III Published
      Dear Professionals, Assalam-o-Alaikum
      It is for the information of all professionals that
      the remaining part of Retrospective Pakistan National
      Bibliography 1947 - 1961 (from 500 - 900, Pure
      Sciences to History & Biography) Fascicule III
      compiled by Pakistan Bibliographical Working Group
      (PBWG) published by the Government of Pakistan,
      Department of Libraries, National Library of Pakistan.
      This part of national bibliography is the
      continuation of previously published Fascicule I
      (General Work to Islam ; 000 - 297) & II (Social
      Sciences to Languages; 300 - 400) published by
      National Book Council of Pakistan in 1972 and 1975
      respectively. These fascicules was also compiled by
      the Pakistan Bibliographical Working Group.
      Bibliography contain about 10 thousands entries of
      books published during 1947 to 1961 on Science, Fine
      Arts, Literature, History and Geography in English,
      Urdu and other regional languages.
      The gap in the National Bibliography of Pakistan has
      been filled up by the publication of this fascicule
      and now the Pakistan have a complete National
      Bibliography being right from the year 1947. The PBWG
      must be credited for completing this huge task in
      spite of several handicaps and particularly in the
      absence of the Copyright Act, or the Delivery of Books
      and Newspapers Act or similar legislation. A great
      deal of labour has gone in the editing and
      compilation of this Fascicule. Credit also goes to
      the Department of Libraries, Ministry of Education,
      Government of Pakistan who has realize and give
      importance to publish this retrospective national
      Bibliography is available from the Controller
      Stationary, Forms and Publications Dept. Building 3-D,
      Markaz G/7 (Sitara Market), Islamabad- 44000
      For more details please write to the Director General,
      National Library of Pakistan, Constitution Avenue,
      Price of the book:Rs. 1000/- US. $ 60/-
      Mr. Chaudhry Mumahhad Farooq, Mr. Anjum Shaikh: thank
      u 4 sending information about first lady first
      Regards: Samdani

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